It's old fashioned now, but we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and simple. Our word is bond, and that applies to our deadlines, as well.


No one ever complained that we had too much integrity.



Our founder proudly is an EAGLE SCOUT in the B.S.A. and was always taught that there are leaders, and then thereare followers. At Rim Rock Fabrications, we take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety.

*AWS Certified and Proof of Insurance available upon request


 Our dedication to CRAFTSMANSHIP is of the utmost importance, because at the end of the day we want our customer to know they have the best quality of work possible. We stand behind our work so you can be sure that our product is the best hand down. 



Our standards are high. Rim Rock Fabrications has become synonymous with the highest quality craftsmanship.


Honesty, commitment and quality





                     CRAFTSMANSHIP.                                              EVERY TIME.


When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Rim Rock Fabrications, A leader in industrial craftsmanship. We specialize in WELDING and FABRICATION. There are many fly by night  outfits out there lately or shops that offer welding aside from what they normally do, However here at Rim Rock Fabrications welding is what we do. You can rest assure that your project will be held to the   utmost craftsmanship and quality. and is backed be an industry leading guarantee.  

 Fully Insured and A.W.S. Certified